Can someone guarantee me a baby, 100% success?

Everything failed – I want a baby with 100% success guarantee?

Answer: Yes ( 99%)

Wow .. you won’t believe but we often get this question from many of our readers. Let me elaborate this a bit and you will understand how this can be done.

Many of our readers, some even from very affluent families have everything in life with God’s grace, but they are still childless. Sooner or later, people realize the big void in life – what is the point of all this growth in life when you have no one to pass this forward to.

People ask – Who will take care of us when we grow old. If one of us (husband or wife) is not there anymore then who will be around for us…

I tell you, these are some very genuine and realistic concerns. End of the day, everyone goes away – friends, brothers, sisters, cousins, etc .. everyone gets busy in their own world.

Getting back to the point:

You can crib about India morning to evening, but there is one great (absolutely great) thing which this country allows is – SURROGACY !!

Did you know that surrogacy is not allowed in majority of western countries (Due to human rights or whatever). And even where it is allowed it is extremely-extremely costly. This is the reason why people from all over the world come to India to get these procedures done. And if we being in India are not availing these facilities then no one can be a bigger loser.

So what prompted me to write this 100% guarantee article ??

Get Sperms from a healthy Male Donor
Get Eggs from a healthy Female donor ( via IVF)
Get Services of a Surrogate ( Hire her womb for 9 months)
= Your baby !!

Yes, it is legally your baby. And luckily it is all possible in India ( Say “Mera Bharat Mahaan”  .. Loud and clear.)

Egg donor,  sperm donors and surrogates are paid for the services and they are really not interested in your child. They are interested only in the money. Moreover everything happens 100% legally. The birth certificate of the child will bear your name.

Yes it will state you as the mother and the father.
( not the egg donor, not the sperm donor and not the surrogate .. just ..  you and only you.)

But it is not my child

Who says .. it is very much your child.

Did you put bricks in the house you live in ?? someone else did ( a labourer) , yet you call it your own house?

You need not tell anyone that you got eggs and sperms donated. ( no need .. right !).. this entire egg and sperm donation happens in 100% confidentiality. Even the egg donor and sperm donor do not know where their eggs/sperms are going.

Infact with donated sperms and eggs, you can actually select the profiles of both male and female who are probably healthier that you and may be have at least some resemblance to you.


Cost .. you are looking at expense which will run into several lakhs of rupees. And if one attempt fails then next attempt. But then you can always have frozen embryos of previous attempt which will significantly bring down your cost.

I never believed in this … but may be someone said it right .. Money can buy everything.


If the father is healthy then no need of a male sperm donor.

If mother is healthy, no need of an egg donor.

If both are healthy, may be you can only hire a surrogate and still have your DNA’s passed.

Possibilities are endless. Finally I believe that in India, one can actually be assured of a baby 99% ( if not 100%).

And obviously .. attempts are endless too .. so correct me if I am wrong – Isn’t it almost a 99% guarantee?

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