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Cost of Surrogacy in India

Cost of Surrogacy – Between 11 Lakhs to 16 Lakhs Indian rupees ( $20,000  to $28,000 US Dollars) Estimating the cost of surrogacy is not at all a straightforward process. Therefore before you go ahead and signup for a package, it is extremely important to know what all is covered and more importantly understand what will be your net financial […]

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baby guarantee

Can someone guarantee me a baby, 100% success?

Everything failed – I want a baby with 100% success guarantee? Answer: Yes ( 99%) Wow .. you won’t believe but we often get this question from many of our readers. Let me elaborate this a bit and you will understand how this can be done. Introduction: Many of our readers, some even from very affluent families have everything in […]

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Baby Stress

Reasons for Not Getting Pregnant

Not getting pregnant ? Top 10 reasons and solutions. Introduction: First and foremost calm down, pregnancy issues are  extremely common these days and you are not alone. We also need to accept that there is no single solution or a magic pill which can solve this issue instantly. Every couple is different and we have our own set of physical, mental […]

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Baby after 30 years

Having a baby after age 30 – Pregnancy issues

Infertility issues are extremely prevalent among women these days, especially those who have crossed 30 years of age. It becomes an acute problem once you cross 35. The “best natural age” for a woman’s body to get pregnant is between 21 to 25 years of age. At this age their eggs are very fertile and body completely fit to bear […]

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IVF or Surrogacy

Difference between Surrogacy and IVF Pregnancy

Difference between Surrogacy and IVF In-Vitro fertilization (IVF) and Surrogacy are both methods of assisted reproductive technology (ART). Both procedures are aimed to help couples meet their dreams of parenthood. STEP BY STEP EXPLANATION OF IVF 1.  Mother is given medication/injections to produce multiple eggs. 2.  Mother’s eggs are extracted outside of her body with a simple operation. 3.  Father’s sperms […]

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Egg Donor

How to Select an Egg Donor (Surrogacy or IVF)

How to Select an Egg Donor (for Surrogacy or IVF) Even though every woman wants her child to carry forward her DNA, however due to aging or medical issues, her eggs might not be of such fine quality anymore to give birth to a child. If a woman goes for In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) or Surrogacy with donated eggs (eggs of […]

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Good Surrogacy Doctor

Finding a good Surrogacy Clinic or IVF Doctor

When a couple decides to go for the Surrogacy or IVF process to have a child, the biggest question arises – Where to go? Today there are hundreds of infertility centers all over India and selection is not easy. Trust me on this, the moment you enter any IVF clinic, their front end staff is fully trained to play with your […]

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